Benefits of having a Coworking space

Have you ever thought that why corporates opt for coworking spaces today despite having large office spaces with an enviable work environment? Contrarily there are startup’s, entrepreneurs, freelancers, mompreneurs, experts, professionals and analysts who look for an impressive, progressive and professional workspace beside having the option to work from home or from nearby coffee shops? Well, research suggests, that working at shared workspaces help to mark an increase in people productivity at 6 on a 7 point scale. This is much higher when compared to people productivity who work in regular offices. This made us explore over some of the crucial factors that made co-working spaces as an obvious choice for the corporates and individuals alike.

Makes the work Meaningful and Distinctive:

When large corporate houses operate from their large workspaces, it carries a common workload with common profiles. Alternatively, when people work from co-working spaces, they carry a part of the common work in a unique work environment that not only adds distinctiveness to their work but also help them to see the work from an added perspective. This helps them to add a dash of creativity and renewed enthusiasm to their work. They do not feel bored to do the same task, in a set environment with the same bunch of people. With the new place, new people and a new environment they can add more meaning and individuality to their work. This is beyond the added advantage of saving hours of travelling time and consequent energy. Similarly when individuals or startup’s work from co-working spaces they not only get a professional workspace to work and call their prospective clients but also find a meaningful connection between their work and the work of other co-workers.

More Control Over the Task:

With 24*7 access, Elegant Infrastructure, Maintenance free Resources, Internet, Electricity, Housekeeping, Power back-up, bio-metric access facilities to work with, there is little doubt that the focus remains only on the work. The unnecessary burden of arranging or procuring resources is deemed to be nil. Nevertheless, the choice to work at flexible hours as to first work then hit the gym and again come back to work, or to devote the first half of the day towards meeting and networking and the late evening hours into focused work environment gives complete control over the task to anyone being a part of co-working spaces. You can also choose to work either from exclusive private cabins or from open dedicated workspaces, whatever suits you the best. Complete freedom of choice offers a complete control over the task.

A Sense of Belongingness:

Co-working spaces offer you the unique opportunity to retain your autonomy yet be a part of the larger community, both at the same time. When you work in a co-working space, you get all the leverage to retain your identity and individuality. You are not lost in the crowd. The essence of a co-working space can be judged when the staff identifies each co-worker and his/her profession individually both by their name and face. So when people know you individually but also give you the opportunity to connect with the larger community circles coming from varied backgrounds, co-workers develop both a sense of ownership and a sense of responsibility. This definitely makes the working space highly enigmatic!

Learning and Training Opportunities:

If you think that co-working spaces are just a place to work, you cannot be more wrong. Today co-working spaces are the breeding grounds for several interesting workshops, events, seminars, conclaves, conferences and Training Programs. You have several social events too that not only help you to unwind yourself but also helps you to explore some of your hidden skills. They help you to learn and train yourself on those aspects that you always wanted, but either has delayed or denied yourself with one or the other excuse. It helps you to fill your identified gaps and be your whole self.

I believe the best co-working spaces are those that help you to bring your whole selves to work. Where you do not feel crippled to work with limitations and barriers. A place where you can work with complete focus and attention and a place that helps you to grow from your current self to your ideal self.

So what are the implications of co-working spaces for traditional workspaces? Although co-working spaces movement was started by entrepreneurs, startup’s and free lancer’s, yet it is equally becoming important for all small, medium and large organizations. Big corporate houses with the intent of attracting and retaining talent by offering them equally good workspaces, close to their homes offer them an opportunity to work from co-working spaces. Similarly for startup’s and solopreneursgetting to work in some of the most cost-effective and efficiency effective shared workspaces, becomes a welcoming choice. For more information visit our website

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