Why do you need a Coworking Space

So you have decided to work on your own. Whether you have already quit your current job or you have a brilliant idea that you want to put in practice or perhaps you have your team members but now need an office space to work. Whatever is your reason you now need an office space to set the ball rolling. Super!!What next? Well, that’s the outline of the wheel.. the spokes have yet to be connected.

Let’s start with the first set of questions: Should I buy the office space or take it on rent? What’s the investment required? Should I go for Finance schemes, use my Savings or Borrow from family or friends?

While you might be still trying to find answers to these questions, your next set of questions have started popping up in your head. Where to have the office space? How to arrange for the huge security deposit? Whom to contact? When to start? Who will all be involved? Who will support me?

And finally once I start with my work, what do I need to focus on- Work or office renovation, maintenance, equipment and supplies.

Does that seem a little too much to work on? That too while you have yet not started working on your real passion- that is your work? This is where coworking spaces are gaining a huge popularity among masses. It is the real buzzword today. It the ideal place to get your work done without the distractions of a coffee shop or the isolation of working at home. It not only saves you from the huge investment cost or burden of the security deposit, but you also get a place of your own to work and pleasantly with not many strings attached. It gives you an opportunity not only to create just your own office space but to build an entire community, that too at no additional cost. It can be a creative space where freelancers, startups, corporate firms, entrepreneurs and digital nomads come together to work alongside and with one another.

Let’s check what all can a coworking space offer.

Visibility and Accessibility:

An ideal coworking space is one that is in the heart of the city, on the main road with complete visibility and is easy to locate. It also makes more sense to choose the coworking space that has an easy transport access, like close to a metro station, bus stops railway station, etc. Commercially connected workspaces become the breeding ground for business.


You choose coworking because you do not want the distance to be a reason to miss your office. You do not want to work from home but you also do not want to work at a place that is miles far from your place, and that makes you exhausted even before you start with your work. So your office space must be close to your home, yet commercially connected and truly visible. Availability of some great restaurants, lounges, gyms, parks, library, doctors and chemist facility etc. in the nearby vicinity work really well in the long run.

Focus only on your work:

This is your time to put all your energies into what you are best at, that is your work. The best coworking place gives you the convenience to concentrate on your work and take care of the rest of the stuff for you. When I say rest of the stuff that includes office equipment, furniture, maintenance, overall ambience, parking, cleaning, front office, handling emails, and whatever else is required to make sure that nothing diverts your attention from your work.

Professional Working Culture:

It is the working culture of an organization, that speaks volumes of people who work in it and those who run the show. A coworking culture definitely is definitely the breeding ground for young entrepreneurs and start-ups to work and grow, but the way that culture is nourished makes all the difference. Look for a coworking organization that promotes a healthy working culture.

A fine balance of privacy and openness:

Coworking, as the name suggests, is bound to be a place where people work together in the same premises, using a common infrastructure, yet there needs to be a sense of autonomy and privacy that doesn’t get intruded, directly or indirectly by other coworkers. An ideal coworking space is one where you not only spend many hours of the day but may be many months or years too to gain a sense of security and stability. This works well in an environment where your coworking organization appreciates your individuality while simultaneously giving you ample connecting opportunities to learn and grow.

Check for the Facilities:

You definitely want to set your burden off. So make sure before you register with a coworking organization that what are the facilities available and do they sync with your requirements. From WIFI connectivity to the comfort of the chairs, from number of workstations to your smoking zones, check for the facilities that specifically are important to you.

Learning, Training, Connecting and Growth Opportunities:

A great coworking organization would be a place which offers you multiple opportunities to learn, share and grow. A lot depends on the vision and purpose of the organization. Some coworking spaces also provide some really good counselling, coaching and training services that can make a real difference in your thinking and work. A model coworking organization provides an appropriate platform for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups and corporates to come together and share, learn, promote their business and grow.

These are few of the many reasons that can help you to decide if coworking space is right for you. Yet regardless of coworking space, it will take you some time to find your space, get familiar with the environment and start enjoying both your work and your workplace.

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