Top factors to consider while choosing a coworking space

So you have been struggling with the thought of owning or renting an office space but challenged with the budget constraints. You have a startup and plan to keep the expenses lean, which gets you towards the idea of a co-working space. But which co-working space? You just can’t move into any coworking space. Are you looking for a coworking space anywhere in the city or you have a particular location as a coworking space in east Delhi? And then are you looking for a co-working culture or just an office space for rent? What solves your purpose: shared office space or a single dedicated workstation for rent?

Your choices are many. Starting from location to interiors to people, everything matters when it comes to choosing a co-working space as this is a matter of your business prosperity. Let’s figure out a few of the top priority factors that you may consider while choosing a coworking space:

1. Location:

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When we say location it’s not that any coworking space in your neighbourhood that will work, rather look for a coworking space that is commercially visible to your clients and offers you a convenience to reach. Put simply, it must be easy to locate and easy to reach for you, your team members and most importantly to your clients. Any coworking space that forces you to keep explaining the lanes and streets before your clients are able to reach you is not an ideal location. One of the best coworking space in east Delhi that has come up recently is Cocoweave-The Work Café. Located in the heart of east Delhi, walking distance from metro station, railway station and bus stop make it most convenient to reach and far easier to locate.

2. Investment:

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Once the location for work is identified, next comes the investment. Choosing a workspace that is centrally located in the poshest localities may not work, in case it is financially very taxing. Large swanky offices, that put a deep hole in your pocket may not be an ideal choice. Your very idea of going for a coworking space at the first place was to function on the lean management system. Therefore, when you look for a shared office space or best coworking spaces, explore the available options and choose the one that fits your budget. But here, if I may caution that not choosing a coworking space that costs you comparatively slightly on a higher side, but offering you some of the best services is not a good idea. Prudently choose a coworking space that is best in the area and the one that offers you the best advantages that practically superceed your cost.

3. Services offered:

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It’s not just about the place and space, the next important thing to consider while choosing a coworking space are the services offered at your chosen co-working space. And by services, I do not mean the ordinary, namesake services but the ones that are practical, workable and something that you can exactly relate to your business. For instance, if you are an IT geek and need to be on the net most of the time, then any ordinary internet or wi-fi connection may not work. You might need a dedicated leased line, internet connection. Check for the speed, safety and security. Similarly check the provisions available for making phone calls, or power back, or the number of hours the air conditioners would be on or the extent of housekeeping services that you can avail. Check what are your exact needs and requirements and how best the coworking space offers you. Remember, if you do not get your basic or core services than the entire purpose of being at a coworking space gets defeated and all the money that you pay (even if it is less by few hundreds) goes as a waste. Therefore make a prudent selection.

4. Event Spaces:


Are you planning to host a party for your family member or thinking for a get-together with your friends? Or most importantly, are you all geared up to launch your new product or service and coming up with a Networking Party idea? Whatever may be your creative thought, you definitely need an event space at your workspace. Launching your new product at your office space would make more sense than hosting a party at a far away place. There is the best coworking space in east Delhi, with the name of CocoWeave that gives the multiple choices to its co-workers to use the space for work during the day and host some special events on weekends or evenings. It has a provision to accommodate more than 100 people in one go at one place. This makes the space extremely popular and practical. Nevertheless, you also have the option to conduct your team events, team celebration parties, team-bonding events or hold an appreciation party to facilitate your exceptional team members. So when you have the choice to book an event space in east Delhi, your choice of choosing a coworking space that is best in east Delhi becomes easier and practical. Any coworking space that offers such multiple facilities at a single location can be a preferred choice while choosing a coworking space.

5. Learning, Developing and Networking Events:

As it is rightly said that it’s just not about event spaces but the events itself that makes the place a special choice while choosing a coworking space. Another pertinent factor that draws our attention while considering the best coworking spaceis the kind and number of events that are hosted at its place. When we talk about events, it’s not just hello.. hi and such social events, but events that help you to learn and grow as a person individually and your business as a whole. There are some coworking spaces that provide some excellent learning opportunities by hosting much such training and developing events like leadership development training programs, Programs on Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Decision Making, Anger Management, Time Management, Stress Management, Interpersonal Wellness Programs, Personal Effectiveness and Life Coach Training Program. Besides the regular social events like celebrating birthdays and festivals. There are several networking events as Business demo days, Solving a Puzzle, Dancing Days, Potluck Parties and many such events.

6. Working Culture:

It is surprising to realize that many people while choosing a coworking space, fail to explore the culture, values and ethics that are followed at a place. If you choose a coworking space for work, practically the prevalent work culture will also impact your thinking, behaviour and action. Imagine you choose a coworking space where people who run the show are cold, abrupt or simply rude. They could be indifferent to your needs or maybe they are so hand-tight that they do not have much power to exercise any relevant change? How would working at that place look like? Therefore even with the best of location, infrastructure, pricing and services offered, it is the people who bring life to a place. Check for people, interact with the facility-in charge, gain some feedback from existing coworkers and make a self observation to seek your answers.

Few of the above factors will help you to make an informed choice while choosing a coworking space, shared office, office space for rent, take a dedicated workstation for rent or to book an event space in east Delhi or in any part of the country. As a matter of fact, the place that you work is your place for worship, because that’s the place where you not only get a platform to begin your journey but also to add meaning and value to your life, throughout. So be wise and see the rise!

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