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Our Benefits

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Our Benefits

Our clients compliments us for our location, ambience, environment, place and people. Let’s explore that what makes CocoWeave Special for its clients.


Breeding Collaboration
through Innovation

Events at our co-working space are the breeding grounds for networking. Our social, formal or learning events are generally considered as treasures that coworkers love to cherish for a long period of time. Meeting new people with diverse backgrounds will help you to create a common culture of learning & understanding.


Co-Working with
Diligence, Focus
& Peace

The place that you work should be the one that enhances your productivity and performance. A place where you feel both at ease and peace to give your best. That’s exactly whatwe focus at COCOWEAVE. Before coming up with a shared workspaces, we have done intense research on the kind of infrastructure, interiors and environment that makes the place of work as the place of worship. The vibes, the feel, the ambience and the aura of the place would definitely make you fall in love with the place.



For all logical reasons the infrastructure of the place definitely makes a lot of difference. Whether you are all by yourself, or you have teams to support or have clients to impress, your workplace becomes a reflection of your personality. We at COCOWEAVE therefore make all possible attempts to not only provide an excellent infrastructure, but also keep it upto the mark at all times.


Work Culture

You would like to be a part of the community that inspires you. Where you can find good people who do great work. COCOWEAVE brings together many professionals, entrepreneurs and corporates who bring to the desk their dynamic personalities, thoughts and experiences to share and learn from.


Adding Meaning
to your Work

Although you work with common resources, your work is special and unique in its own way. At COCOWEAVE, we value your uniqueness and individuality. You get the professionalism on one hand you enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home. We appreciate the work you do and the contributions that you make.



COCOWEAVE Trainings offers a range of Training programs that we are sure would meet your exact needs and requirements. We believe that for you to develop and progress, it’s important to work on your self-development needs first. Here you would find a range of courses to choose from, that best suits your requirements.


Training, Coaching
& Mentoring Services

At COCOWEAVE we understand that businesses cannot be run in isolation, but the fact also remains that leadership is a lonely position. You too need hand holding, guidance, mentoring and coaching from time to time. We are passionate about coaching, mentoring and training people. That is what we believe our passion lies.

Create Something Exciting With Us

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Upcoming Events

17 Nov

Leadership Development Program

When was the last time you questioned yourself that Why am I doing what I’m doing? ‘Why am I doing it this way’ and not any other way? What could…

24 Nov

Train The Trainer Program

The most pertinent question that need to be answered is ‘Who should attend this program? Those who are passionate about learning, training and self-developing. This program is essentially designed for…


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