Ideally located in the heart of East Delhi, COCOWEAVE-The Work Cafe, offers unlimited access to cosy and comfortable workspaces.
At COCOWEAVE, you’re welcome to work, study, have a meeting or an interview, use our high speed Wifi, and above all take your time!
We strive to provide you with optimal working conditions and an amazing coffee experience in a corporate happy environment.

 For Freelancers:

So you are a freelancer. You are young, flexible and open to learn. You love being your own boss and set your own rules, decide your working hours and prefer to work with clients of your choice. If this is you, we welcome you at COCOWEAVE, your coworking space where you would get all reasons to love your work even more. While your clients may decide the work specifications but you have a complete control over how the work is completed.

What’s in store for you?

Quick Start: Your office space is ready at COCOWEAVE. You can start right now, yes today itself. You just carry your laptop/desktop and you are ready to go. No lenghty discussions and no loaded formalities, you just start with your work.

Part of Community: Working at COCOWEAVE gives you the opportunity to be the part of a community of like-minded individuals. This opens gates to a lot of opportunities for you where you can meet new people, connect with them, and be a part of the “co-working movement”.

Perfect work-life balance: Operating out of home makes it the space where you work endlessly and turn it into a stress zone. Separating home from work lets your home be a stress-free zone and makes it a place where you can relax at the end of your day. This separation of home and work ensures that you can maintain a work-life balance that is perfect for you. At COCOWEAVE you get a dedicated place to work, away from all the noise, the chores, the unhealthy-comfort, and the general chaos of a home.

Access to space, amenities, and facilities: At COCOWEAVE, you shall be provided access to the necessary office spaces like desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms and other amenities and facilities to meet day-to-day office needs. The meeting rooms and conference rooms are great when you want to impress an important client, or hold a meeting without intruding into the private space of your coworkers. Also, access to other office facilities, like dedicated lease line, 24*7 power back-up, housekeeping, in-house cafetaria and host of other facilities that are vital for convenience and increased productivity of work.

Network and collaboration opportunity: Networking and collaboration opportunity is one of the biggest advantages of being at COCOWEAVE and this opportunity is even more beneficial for who rely on the gig economy, like ours. Working alongside a potential client, or a partner, or someone you could learn something new from, is an opportunity that you would not get working from the comfort of home or out of a coffee house.

Increase in productivity: The isolation and distractions of working from home can hamper the productivity of a freelancer in the long run. COCOWEAVE has the structure, the design, and the members that inspire focus and a productive energy. Sharing a working space with dedicated and talented professionals has the potential to drive you as a freelancer towards creativity and results.

Privacy for women freelancers: A co-working space is extremely beneficial for women freelancers. Many women freelancers are hesitant to use their personal address as their professional address, for security and privacy reasons. COCOWEAVE solves this problem with the facility of virtual offices. In this case, the co-working address can be used as your professional address, where all work-related mails can be received.

Simply put, if you want to enhance your productivity at work as a freelancer COCOWEAVE is just the place for you!

For Startup’s:

By this time, we believe you have already heard about the success stories of umpteen startups, who had humble beginnings and then rose to the top. We have all heard instances of the brilliant founder who starts his company at his home garage or basement, makes something great, finds a partner and goes on to conquer the world. In the very early stages of your startup, working from a garage or basement can be fine. However, at a certain point, you will need to change. You cannot always keep meeting clients at restaurants or coffee shops. Moreover, working from home can see your productivity wane with distractions like kids, family, dog and TV. You need an environment that is highly productive and enthusing. At COCOWEAVE we just don’t have vast areas with desks and chairs offering tech entrepreneurs high-speed internet connection only. The areas are made to be exciting places to work that can improve your productivity. As a startup, you need to access to various resources fast and affordably. Apart from this, you need encouragement from other peers when the going gets tough. This is where COCOWEAVE understand it’s startup’s.

What we have for you?

Build Relationships: You can build relationships that can help you and your startup. As you are building your company, we presume you probably don’t have extra cash to hire more people to your team. So what’s the best solution to this paradox? Well, go ahead and hire freelancers to do most of the work you cannot do on your own. At COCOWEAVE, you will typically find freelancers that can help you with your web design, graphic design, accounting matters, online marketing and so on. In fact, you have a full team that is within easy reach to build your company.Moreover, since the professionals are in the same office you are in, it is easy to discuss your needs with them and see their implementation. Some of these freelancers can become lifelong friends and who knows, you can even find a co-founder in them.

Make Your Clients Happy: Before the orders start coming in, your clients will want to meet you face to face to discuss business. Meeting with clients in a conference rooms is more professional than at a coffee shop. With COCOWEAVE, you do not have to miss a customer because you don’t have a place to meet or show them what you have.You will be provided with full office services including conference rooms.

Find Clients and Business Ideas: You never know, you can find your next client and business idea at COCOWEAVE. If you are building a small business solution, some of the coworking workers working here, can be your first clients. You can use their feedback to improve your product before finally putting it out to the world.On the same note, you can find your next business idea through the problems that fellow coworkers face. If there is one person with a problem, you can bet there are many others just like him around the country with the same problem. Hence some brilliant ideas can just pop up by being with other co-workers.

Affordable Work Spaces: At COCOWEAVE, our coworking spaces are affordable for startups and provide the right environment to flourish. The spaces are dedicated to improving productivity and provide a host of business solutions at a very small fee. Moreover, you also have flexible membership options. You can have space for a day or even a few months depending on what you want.

Fully Functional Workspaces: At COCOWEAVE we want you to focus completely on your work and we can handle the rest for you. Our work spaces are completely fuctional from the moment you walk-in. You just get your formalities done and you are ready to start in few minutes. It’s that simple. You get host of facilities and amenities as: Free Fast Internet, Group Events, Office Supplies, Break-Out Zones, Conference Room, Meeting Room, Training Room, Housekeeping Services, Team Huddle Rooms, Training & Learning Events… The list is long. Would suggest to come and visit the place and see for your own self.

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