Leadership Development Training Program

Having a quest to know what distinguishes few organizations from the rest, wherein few succeed consistently, few taste success for a while and then wither away, and yet many who never reached anywhere started and flopped and immediately decided to go back to their comfort zones and then start working towards their survival needs. So who is responsible for the success and failure of such organizations? This brings us to the fact that most depend on the type of people who run the organization. What is it that they think, do, act and behave that makes them set apart from the crowd. Is it something different with their physiology, psychology, surroundings, upbringing or any other factor that makes them different from others. Since we all strive for the same goals of success, profits, returns, performance, engagement & evolvement, yet the achievers are just a few in millions? Why? One of the pertinent fact that emerged during the course of our interaction with the leaders of several large, medium and small business houses was the fact that many times people who are promoted to the next level are generally the performers who have never ever been sensitized towards the role, responsibilities and most importantly expectations that people and organization will have from their leaders. What is it that has changed about their role and what is it that has been added to their designation. We suddenly expect our performers to become managers and then perform as leaders without ever sensitizing them towards the fact that what does a leader do and how best can they contribute. Although most employees are generally trained when they join the organization about how the task has to be done, they are barely trained in how to handle their new roles as leaders. So what happens is that they continue doing the same work, with some added salary, designation, cabin space and of course with some additional responsibilities but not attitudinal responsibilities. They do not realize their potential as leaders of the organization. Leadership Training Programs are must for anyone who is expected to act and perform like a leader, at any level of the organization.

Leadership Development Training Programsgive an opportunity for people to shift their gears of thinking and think beyond their everyday jobs. They need to connect their goals with their organization’s goals. How do they do that? Let the leaders have an opportunity to lead their teams by utilizing their influence in the best possible positive way. Let the leaders create their golden circles wherein they learn and draw, discuss and develop the WHY, HOW and WHAT for their organization and themselves. Let them explore “why” are they working for their organization and “why” is their company existing in the first place. Here the Why needs to be emphasized, that adds meaning and purpose to their life. Next, let them identify that how do they work for their why’s. What is it that they do that can explain that they’re why’s are being met. This is again very interesting as it helps to explore if their ‘why’s’ are matching with their how’s. Finally, during the course of their Leadership Development Training Program, when the why’s and how’s are well aligned, ‘what’ becomes obvious and relatable. This golden circle, however, needs to be pursued from why to what, unlike what most of the leaders, who have cent per cent knowledge of what, also gain some information about how, but unfortunately miss on their Why’s. Any leadership development training program, I believe must help the leaders to explore and identify their Why’s. Once they understand that why they are doing what they are doing, how is that helping them to do what they want to do and what they want to be, the path becomes easier for them to walk? Why’s become their core. That gives them a purpose and a direction. So herein the leadership development training program’sserve as the platform where the ignition of leadership thinking can be ignited. It’s not just a place wherein we conduct lectures, do some activities, play some games, meet with some people and let the event wind as a welcoming break from the mundane job. Rather leadership training programs should be such wherein the managers get an opportunity to become leaders and leaders gain an insight about themselves and identify those gaps wherein there lies an opportunity to learn, reflect and put the knowledge into practice. When leaders develop on their efficacy moments during the course of training, the real learning’s happen. They soon become excited to work on something new that they have just found. A deep learning which was there but was grounded under the deep layers of conditional thinking has finally seen the light. It’s a feeling of enlightenment and an eagerness to put the thoughts into action.  That’s the transition from Transactional to Transformational leadership. This is I believe the true essence of Leadership Development Training that the world genuinely needs.

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