The Co-Creative Coach

The Co-Creative Coach


Become a Certified Life Coach in 6 Months

Our Co-Creative Coach Certification is designed you to help you to imbibe all the core competencies of coaching as defined by International Coach Federation. The course is detailed and comprehensive that helps you to understand the deep meaning of coaching and how to put your coaching into practice. You get to learn twelve additional courses along with the six courses as mentioned in our The Essential Coach curriculum. This Program will help you to not only to become a certified coach with the essential 60 hours of Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours but also help you to learn the finer nuances of coaching by undergoing our peer coaching sessions and mentor coaching hours. Our life coaching courses are full and rich to help you develop the skills and tools to help your clients live their best life. The courses we offer in our life coaching section not only helps you to excel but also prepare your clients for excellence. There is an increased demand for coaches both in personal and corporate arenas. We offer Life Coach Training programs through ICF Certified PCC credential coaches.

We welcome you to join our 6months Life Coach Training Program that helps you to learn and grow as a Master Coach and live a wholesome life, truest to your full potential. And also helps your client to reach the goals that they set for themselves.

Our Co-Creative Coach Training certification consists of the following additional courses:

  1. Developing Leadership Skills through Coaching
  2. Building Trust and Intimacy in Coaching Relationships
  3. Creating Awareness through Coaching
  4. Learning the fine art of communication through Coaching
  5. Building Interpersonal Skills through Coaching
  6. Creating Your Coaching Model
  7. Setting Growth Mindset With Coaching
  8. Barriers to Coaching
  9. Collaborative Coaching
  10. Developing Coaching Business
  11. Feedback coaching
  12. Intuition

Our Co-Creative Life Coach Training Certification consists of the following elements:

  • 18 coach specific courses and online classes
  • With 1 dedicated Leadership coach training module
  • Training imparted by ICF Certified, PCC Credentialed Coaches.
  • Active Peer learning on Real Issues
  • Business building sessions
  • Developing your coaching model
  • Business building curriculum
  • Written Assignments
  • Access to the e-library for additional content and learning


Option 2: The Co-Creative Coach

  • Courses: 18 Courses
  • Hours: 60 Hours of Coach Training
  • Written Assignments
  • Additional Learning: Access to the e-library for ease of use and flexibility
  • Credentialing: The Co-Creative Coach (CCC)
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Course Fee: INR 59,000 + GST

What We Offer:

  • Training and Certification.
  • Business Building.
  • Marketing Support.