4 Unique Ways to Organize Community Events

What do you think co-working spaces are all about? Is it just about working space and internet? Of course not. Co-Working Spaces today buzz with energy and life. Visit one of the best coworking space in East Delhi, Cocoweave and you would realize this on your own. Co-working spaces are all about community, collaboration and creativity. People choose coworking spaces over working from home, coffee shops, restaurants and hotel lobbies. Is it just because they need a place to work? Not at all. We may have place to work, but we need a community to collaborate. We need some like minded people who can gel well and also work well. We don’t want to feel lonely and depressed working all alone like a zombie. If we don’t know what is happening around us, we would not only feel secluded but also may not be aware of the latest updates. For this we need communities, people, exposure, interaction and updates. We need to feed our human mind with variety, knowledge, social lubrication, relationships and interpersonal relations to work. This is precisely where Coworking places in Delhiplay an important role. If you are still on a lookout for an office space in Delhi, shift your search to Coworking space in Delhi.

And if you own a coworking space in Delhi, its time to buzz your place with several community events at your coworking place. With this article, we would explore that how and what kind of events you can host at your coworking space.

Make the place Inviting and Welcoming !

When you walk in to any office place, what kind of places do you like? Places that make you feel cold and distant or an ambience that is warm and inviting? The answer is obvious. Now imagine people visiting your place. How do you make them feel when they enter your premises. What is their moment of truth? Do they find the place clean, structured and welcoming? Do they have someone who greets them and make them feel wanted and acknowledged? If your coworking place is well maintained, neat and welcoming, rest assured your visitors have created a positive first impression about you. Your image is reflected by the way you keep your coworking space. A well designed place with systematic structures and welcoming environment is the first best thing that you can do to your coworking place.

Celebrating Birthday’s and Annevarsaries together !

The next best thing that you can do to your coworking space is to create a collaborative community where strangers become companions and friends. What better way to start than sharing your birth dates and annevarsaries. An office space in Delhi would be far different from a Coworking place in Delhi, simply because of the environment that it creates. Get to know people’s special days and then celebrate those days by making your coworkers feel special and important. This does not mean that we value our coworkers only on their special days and not otherwise, but to make them feel wanted and important everyday, and also adding an extra dose of zing by cutting their birthday cakes, wishing them warmly and celebrating amongst all coworkers , makes the day indeed a special day.

Celebrating Festival and Festivities Together !

Next to celebrating birthdays and annevarsaries together, coworkers can share the community feeling by being together and celebrating different festivals and festivities together. India is a land of festivals and is a secular country. We not only get to celebrate our own community festivals but we can also be a part of larger community wherein different festivals belonging to different communities are celebrated together. This creates a strong community feeling and bonding amongst the coworkwers community. People get to know each other along with their rich cultural backgrounds, traditions, values and personalities. For startup companies in Delhi ncr, this is of great advantage as they get to connect with people of their own as well as outside community. Coworking spaces in Delhi ncr are the breeding grounds to make the communities work together and in synergy. There is this coworking space in east delhi under the name and style of CocoWeave-The Work Café wherein they are celebrating Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti, through gurbani kirtan followed by Guru Prasad and Langar. This serves as a unique opportunity for people to come and work together and be at a place that gives them peace, prosperity and progress and to spread the message of community goodness.

Social Community Events for Startup’s and Freelancers !

You want to break the ice. You want to bring people together. You want to introduce people to each other’s work and create a common cooperative, collaborative community. That’s exactly what a coworking space does. It gives you an opportunity to connect and create new connections. Nevertheless, it also opens up immense business opportunities for all. If you are a startup and need some business finance, you have angel investors event that can help you a great deal. Similarly of you are planning to be on your own and have a great business idea, simply collaborate with a digital marketing expert sitting next to your workstation, who can help you a great deal to make your business build. The advantage of a shared office space is such that you get to meet different people with varied professions. And in this interdependant world of today, you tend to collaborate and coordinate with each other for mutual growth and prosperity.

Learning Events !

For new startups in Delhi NCR, they are not looking for just a shared office space but they are also looking for a coworking space where they can learn and develop themselves. When you as a coworking space organize special learning events as Leadership Training Programs, Public Speaking Programs, or Personality development and personality enhancement training programs, you tend to give a platform to the startup’s and IT companies to develop their language and presentation skills. There are Coworking spaces that organise special learning events as seminars, group discussions, panel discussions, or special speaking events wherein they invite professionals from outside to conduct and host such events and provide a learning opportunity to the members.

The idea behind conducting such community events at your coworking space is to bring people together, help them to know each other, be a part of the larger community and learn new skillsets by being a part of a shared workspace.

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