How to Choose a Co-Working Space in Delhi?

What is that you look for in a co-working space? What attracts you in a co-working place? Is it the people, features, facilities or the price? What becomes your deciding factor for choosing a co-working space in Delhi? Delhi is a Metro that attracts more traffic and business. It’s a place that people want to and also do large volumes of business. It being the capital of the country also attracts larger audiences from all over the country. This place offers an opportunity to grow your business in leaps and bounds. Delhi is ideal for start-ups and seasoned business ventures. But the challenge is to find a place for doing business. Finding an optimum office space in Delhi is one of the herculean tasks. Owning a separate independent office is one of the options for working in Delhi. There is also and alternate option of opting for shared office space in Delhi, better known as Co-working space in Delhi. Let’s explore the factors that help you to decide a co-working space in Delhi.

1. Location:
The first and the foremost factor that helps you to decide a co-working space is the location. When we say location, we refer that a co-working place in Delhi must be such that includes factors as:
  1. Geographically well placed
  2. Commercially connected
  3. Visible, preferably on the main road
  4. Near to Metro Station, Bus Stop, Railway Station & Airport

Location of the co-working space plays a predominant role in helping someone to decide a co-working space. The location must be convenient to reach, accessible by all and visible to clients. It is the location that attracts traffic towards your business. Your clients may not have to struggle to reach you; rather it should be convenient and visible.

2. Services:

Once you decide with your location, you next need to check with the services provided by the co-working spaces in Delhi. Most of the starts up companies in Delhi, ncr are keen to make a business investment at a place that offers them the comfort and convenience of the home, yet professionalism of the corporate. Few of the important services that can make or break a co-working space are:

  • Uninterrupted Leased Line Internet Connection
  • Uninterrupted Power Back-Up
  • Individual Storage Units
  • Ergonomic Furniture
  • In-house Printing Scanning Services
  • Conference Rooms/ Meeting Rooms
  • Mobile Boosters Connectivity
  • Cleanliness
  • Utility Services, etc.

Above are few of the many services that are important for a co-working space. Nevertheless, it is not just the quantity of services as well as the quality of the services that play an important role that start-up companies in Delhi ncr as well as large corporate houses look for in co-working spaces.

3. Price:

Along with all the services and facilities, when start-up’s look for an office space on rent, they also look for value for money. Price is an important factor in deciding for a commercial office space in Delhi, however, it is not the only deciding factor. When searching for fully furnished office for rent in Delhi, it’s always a great idea to connect price with the services and the facilities offered in return. Most of the start-up’s look for just office spaces that offer the least possible monthly rentals. This sounds a fair proposition when it comes to narrow business investment, but it does not work in the long run. As a caution, be choosy for place and not always for the price. After all, end of the day you want services and convenience as your priority, without this even the amount paid, howsoever small becomes a loss. Therefore when evaluating price for a co-working space, check for:

  • Facilities
  • Services offered
  • Value for Money

4. Environment:

Next, important consideration while choosing a co-working space is the culture of the place. How do you feel when you are at the specific office space in Delhi, ncr or any part of the world? What is your moment of truth? Is the office space warm, welcoming & inviting? How do co-workers interact with each other? Is it too stuffy? Is it too noisy? Is it calm & relaxing or loud and clumsy? Is it well organized or a labyrinth? Along with these factors, it’s the people who make the place lively, interactive and professional. As a summary, when assessing the environment of the co-working space, look for factors as:

  • People
  • Place
  • Vibes
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Autonomy

Above are few of the many factors to consider while choosing a co-working space in Delhi, ncr or a fully furnished office space on rent. Your decision to hire a commercial office space in Delhi or a co-working space is dependant on several factors. Think and make a choice.

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