Best Coworking Space in East Delhi

What do you think could be the probable reasons for anyone to choose co-working space? Is it just about getting a table and a chair to work? Imagine a workspace where people just get to sit and work for the whole day and then head towards their homes in the evening with nothing much to share. And what if the same routine is carried on for days and days and months and months? Needless to mention that life becomes superlatively boring and the work- deadly monotonous. So what was it that was missing all the while at our workspace? Of course the “People”. And when I say people, they are not just the same set of employees who work for you under your given set of instructions, but other people who come from varied backgrounds and domains, with fresh thoughts, ideas and opinions and who are not obliged to say what you want to hear but say something that might add to your knowledge, skill and learning? Who are these people and where can we find them? Well, they are known as co-workers and we find them in different co-working spaces. There is one of the best coworking spaces in east Delhi, wherein I had a chance to meet and explore co-workers from across the country and globe too, that is Cocoweave- The Work Café, coworking space. They had people with varied backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, values, belief systems, yet they were commonly tied at the same set of place, location, timings, systems and structures. And this interestingly led to the creation of some dynamic communities, where people were creating some amazing collaborative communities that not only made the space so rich, vibrant and colourful but also led to creating close-knit communities who add meaning, value and perceptions to our life.

Through this article, we intend to explore the kind of communities that are created and how do they benefit in creating a collaborative community culture.

1. Learning Community:


Learning doesn’t stop with academic studies, rather the need and quest to learn something new always keep the spirit going. Lest did I know that when I would take an office space for rent in east Delhi I would also be exposed to limitless opportunities to learn and grow. On one hand, there was an opportunity to learn digital marketing for making the business grow and the next day there was this amazing Leadership Development Training Program that made us learn not only about the leadership skills but also helped us to assess our own leadership type and what are our strengths and areas to work on. Yet another learning event exposed us to how to make financial interpretations of our business, next learn about excel, then tally and surprisingly some tools and tips on machine language and AI too. Wow, the experience has been amazing. Truly, learning happens through limitless ways, the only criteria being ‘you’ being open and eager to learning.

 2. Social Community:


Do you feel bored working in your personal office or lonely working at home? Interestingly I explored that by just taking a dedicated workstation for rent in east Delhi, I neither ever felt the need to take a large office by spending a bomb nor ever felt lonely by working all by myself at home. Fortunately, the shared office in east Delhi gives a space wherein you get to meet many like-minded people with whom you can connect and gel with ease and comfort. Nevertheless, you get to celebrate your’s and your co-workers birthdays together. And then, whether its New Year, Diwali, Dusheera, Christmas, Eid, Gurparv, meaning all festivals together.  There is this amazing sense of togetherness and belongingness. Plus there are the host of other social events as quiz competitions, carrom, chess, golgappa eating competition and many such fun-filled events that keeps you engaged and evolved. The fun part is the special days, that gets celebrated. You get to make many friends, acquaintances, colleagues and buddies in the process. To top it all, you get to meet many friends that too without making any compromises in your professional arena. You are neither bounded by office politics nor feel lonely and depressed by being all by yourself. You can choose your friends and choose your convenience too.

3. Business Community:


Something exceptional about a coworking space in east Delhi, under the name and style of CocoWeave-The Work Café, I found that they have reserved some special days wherein you exclusively get to promote your business. These days are called as ‘Demodays’, wherein each co-worker gets an opportunity to highlight and share the USP’s of their businesses which act as a breeding platform to generate more business. For instance, I happened to meet this passionate freelancer at the said co-working space. He was a young budding entrepreneur who was passionate about promoting businesses creatively through digital and social media. He was exceptionally good at that. He had the art of making the boring products presented in most interesting and unique ways, thereby evoking customer’s interest. Fortunately, his business acumen skills were highlighted during one of the ‘Demodays’ wherein he shared his ideas, thoughts and work with other coworkers. Everyone loved it and overwhelmingly appreciated his creativity. Surprisingly, he was able to generate many clients in just one day and that too at a zero cost. This made me think that coworking space has not jutted a place to work, but a place to co-create and co-work. So, if you are best at doing something, its time to share. You never know, when your passion gets a chance to become your profession, thereby giving you the best of both worlds.

Coworking spaces are a breeding ground for your prosperous professional and personal connects. Whether you get a chance to find a shared office in east Delhi, book meeting rooms in east Delhi, book conference room in east Delhi, a dedicated workstation for rent in east Delhi or ultimately to find the best coworking space in east Delhi, simply grab the chance to be a part of a coworking space. You not only build a place for yourself, rather build some common, collaborative business and social communities that you will cherish throughout your life.

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