Need Some Additional Perks of Working at a Co-Working Space?

Are you looking for a plain vanilla office or an office space that gives you perks that are hard to resist? When it comes to making a choice between an office space on hire and a coworking space on hire, what prompts you to make a choice? Today co-working spaces have become an obvious choice for most of the freelancers, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, start-up’s, IT firms, small and large scale firms as well. The reasons are quite simple and obvious. It’s not just the heavy downpayments cost, huge infrastructural designing burden or fixed overhead cost of taking an office space on rent that is too heavy and thus has forced us to explore options beyond a rented or an owned office space. Co-working today has started attracting the masses as it is not only one of the leanest form ofdoing a business but also comes with perks that are almost irrestible.

Let’s explore some of the interesting perks that are offered with the Co-Working Space.

Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms:

Need a formally desined office suite that is apt for your important business meeting? Simply heads towards a coworking space. You don’t have to take the entire burden of a private cabin for the few meetings that you make in a month with your clients. All you need to hire at a co-working space is the exact space that you would need to get your work done. You only pay for the space, even a single workstation would do. You don’t have to pay for the entire cabin space. You can differentiate between your regular work and frequent/infrequent meetings with the clients. And then you pay only for the space that you use. If you are using a single workstation, you may pay for that and if you want to use the meeting room/ conference room, etc, you land up paying just for that. And in case you want to use the both, you may for the same depending on the time that you use it for. There are no extra frills attached. Nevertheless, these meeting rooms and conference rooms are either provided free of cost or at a discounted rate., depending upon whether you are using a dedicated work space or just the meeting room. You can conduct

meeting with one person in a meeting room or can conduct large conferences with 15 – 20 people. Choice is your and the options are many. That’s the beauty of a coworking space.

Ultra High Speed Dedicated Leased Line Internet Connection:

Few coworking spaces in delhi, like CocoWeave Work Café Pvt. Ltd. provide dedicated leased line high speed internet services with zero percentage downtime. This not only provides ease and convenience of internet facility at a zero additional cost, but also gives the scope to work ininterruptedly. Unlike a rented office space, wherein the complete burden has to be borne by self, co-working office space in delhi are perfectly suited for startups in delhi, ncr.

Housekeeping and Security Services:

Another fixed burden that is saved in a co-working space is the pressure if hiring a permanent housekeeping staff for cleaning, serving and maintaining the premises. Even the burden of recruting and appointing of security staff is reduced. Most of the office space for startups in delhi provide fully trained, well-mannered housekeeing and security staff memebrs to serve the co-workers. Some of the co-working spaces like, Coworking space in east delhi also provide inclusive storage spaces, security services as cctv survellience, maintainence staff, support staff and housekeeping stafff services in an all inclusive package. They also provide in-house plumber, carpenter, painter services to ensure that complete comprehensive services are provided to the co-workers at all times.

Community Events

Fortunately, coworking spaces in delhi ncr are today designed to cater to the customers both specific and generic needs.There is one of the best coworking space in east delhi, that provides large event space facility to conduct open house sessions, training events, public speaking, seminars, workshops even private parties that best suits their co-workers needs. There are large community events that are hosted there, which are inclusive and not restricted to birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, large spiritual gatherings, fun filled community events, social events, etc that leave a large scope to collaborate, co-create and co-exist in a mutually progressive environment.

Cafetaria Services:

Unlike office for rent in delhi, co-working spaces in delhi ncr, provide not only fully furnished, fully functional office spaces for rent but also provide additional services as cafetaria, pantry area, eating zones, play zones, relaxing areas etc. They are not only beautifully designed but are also highly client friendly and a breeding ground to socialize and network. Many of the startup events in delhi are conducted in large cafetarias of co-working spaces. You can grab some quick food, tea, coffee, cookies, biscuits, etc to satisfy your hunger and also to tantalize your taste buds.

Learn Something New:

Here when you take a coworking space on hire in delhi, rest assured you are creating an opportunity to learn something more than what you already know. Since you would have an opportunity to get to meet and interact with a person who could probably come from an altogether different field, you get to learn something new every time you interact and know them. You get an opportunity to widen your horizons and add perspectives to your outlook, you might end up in finding an altogether new way to approach your situation or business. You tend to break your comfort zone and move towards a learning zone. This is something very unique about a coworking space. There are also some co-working spaces in delhi ncr, like CocoWeave- the work café that provide excellent learning opportunities to learn and grow. There are several learning opportinities as providing Leadership Training Programs, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills training program, Effective Communication Strategies Training Program, etc that help in the overall development of the co-workers personality, thinking and presentation skills.

24 Hours Power Back-up and other services:

Rest assured with the coworking spaces in delhi ncr, like cocoweave coworking space you get to have 100 percent power backup with complete UPS support for internet. This is an added perk that helps you to continue with your work uninterruptedly. Herein you don’t have to make a fixed cost investment or pay an additional charge for that. This comes as an added advantage of working in a co-working space besides the mobile connectivity towers and bio metric attendance provision and free printouts and scan services.

Aforementioned are few of the many perks that make the co-working spaces to be one of the most sought after business places to work. It makes the work more interesting and delighting as you get to focus completely on the work, without being distracted with the additional burdens and distractions. Nevertheless, the best perk comes with the additional dose of happiness that it adds to your life as you are less burdened and more happy. This boosts your morale that results in more cheerful workday, everyday.

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