Our Accelerated Co-Creative Coach Certification is an advanced coach learning program that helps you to master the coaching journey. Our Accelerated Co-Creative Coach Training is a guided program for individuals as managers, leaders, trainers, entrepreneurs, professionals or any individual who aspires to learn, apply and master the techniques of coaching. This structured program would not only lay the foundation for you to develop as a Coach but also a transformational human being. We believe in living and creating a world of Adding Value…Impacting Lives! Our Accelerated Co-creative coach helps you to become a leadership coach as well, thereby giving you an opportunity to create a coaching culture within an organization that is both liberating and inspiring.

Few of the additional courses that you can learn in this program are:

  1. Collaborative Coaching
  2. Developing Coaching Business
  3. Coaching Principles and Beliefs
  4. Coaching Conversations
  5. Feedback coaching
  6. Intuition
  7. Coaching Assignment Structure
  8. Developing Emotional Intelligence Through Coaching
  9. Managing Change through Coaching
  10. Coaching Presence-Creating Space for Personal Insights
  11. Designing Actions through Coaching
  12. Building Self-Discipline through Coaching

You also have the option to choose any of the courses individually or can go for complete course credentialing option.

Program Details

Option 3: The Accelerated Co-Creative Coach (ACCC) 

  • Courses: 24 Courses
  • Hours: 125 Hours of Coach Training
  • Written Assignments
  • Additional Learning: Access to the e-library for ease of use and flexibility
  • Credentialing: The Accelerated Co-Creative Coach (ACCC)
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • Course Fee: INR 1,10,000 + GST

What We Offer 

  • Training and Certification.
  • Business Building.
  • Marketing Support.