5 Essential Qualities of an Effective Public Speaker

The fear of stage is generally considered higher than the fear of death. But this does not mean that we live with this fear throughout our lives, as one of the major indicators of a person’s success is considered as being an effective public speaker. So to being with let’s understand what is public speaking? Public Speaking is the art of speaking to large audiences wherein you can share your ideas, thoughts and expressions in a manner that influences the audience behaviour and thinking. Unfortunately, without these skills of being an impressive speaker, you also lose many opportunities in the corporate world to progress and in the personal life to leave a mark and create an impact. Here are 5 essential qualities of an effective speaker that are scientifically proven as being the hallmark of an effective speaker.


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Passion is your inner drive to do something that excites you the most. It is something that you do not by force but by choice. Something that adds meaning and happiness to your life. This passion is something that an effective speaker exudes on its own. In order to be an effective public speaker one of the essential quality is that the person exhibits passion and an inner delight in expressing his/her thoughts. Now, this passion does not mean that you have to be extraordinarily loud and flamboyant in everything that you say and by cheering the crowd and waving your hands in everything that you say, but passion is expressed in every word that you say and how intensely you believe in what you say. Simply focus on how you feel about your topic and how does that make you feel while you speak and express yourself.


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Be the real you. An effective speaker is expressive of his/her real being. He is original in every word that he says. He says, what he means and means what he says. A true speaker speaks from his heart. He shares his experiences in the most candid and authentic manner that genuinely touches the hearts and minds of his audience. An authentic speaker first experiences it and then shares his experiences by using right words that are relevantly placed and expressed in the most authentic manner. Public speaking is an art wherein you not just defend your nervous jitters but also display confidence in what you mean and what you say.


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An effective speaker is well versed with his subject. His public speaking speech is well thought, crafted and presented in the most effective manner. His speech is not the just essential accumulation of words but an essential display of well crafted thoughts, which are put forward in the most effective and impressive manner. An excellent speaker puts an extra effort to first prepare his content and then rehears his content in such a manner that is most authentic and relatable. There are a handful of such learning organizations that help you to improve your public speaking skills and how you can articulate your thoughts that are most impactful for the listeners. They also offer specialised courses on how to improve your presentation skills and remove the fear of public speaking.


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It is practice and not memorization of your speech that it important. When you prepare for your public speaking, always remember that the most important chunk of your presentation part comes with preparation. There is no substitute for the preparation part. The more you practice the more confident you become. And this confidence is automatically displayed in your presentation. However practice your speech as many times you feel like, but also be flexible to change on the wording part. Do not memorize. It acts as a barrier between you and your audience. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare but do not be rigid with your words, let the natural words flow, yet the essence remains there.


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The next essential quality of an effective speaker is your presentation skills. Once you are completely prepared with your content, the presentation becomes confident and super smooth. That suggests that the thoughts are well placed and you do not have to fumble for words. But that does not mean that your presentation becomes rote and cakey. Your presentation skills should flow naturally and originally. Slight um’s and ahh’s are natural for any presentation, but they must be moderate that does not disturb the flow of your words. You also need to focus on your voice modulation, intonation, pitch and silence. An effective speaker knows exactly when to stress, repeat or to remain silent that helps to create an atmosphere of keen listening and learning for the audience. Adding stories, anecdotes, humour at right intervals makes your presentation impactful and highly impressionable. People tend to remember the stories and the instances that you share with them and something that they can easily connect with. To top your content and presentation, pay attention to your body language. Your hands, eye, feet, facial expressions and intent all add up to your complete presentation. You can attend a few credentialled public speaking workshops to learn essential presentation skills tips that work on your presentation skills.

The above are few of the essential qualities that can help you to become an extraordinary public speaker. However, there are also many other factors beyond that you need to consider, like connecting with your audience, being aware of the energy in the room, being willing to poke fun at yourself and working on your non-verbal body language skills. In a summary, the best way to give an excellent presentation is to share a message that you believe that the audience can truly connect to. It is the connection between you and your audience is what allows them to completely listen to your message and be inspired. Needless to mention, that it takes a lot of practice and experience to become an effective speaker and by working on the above mentioned qualities you can positively work towards being an inspiring and an impactful speaker.

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