Tired of Office Overheads Burden?

Head Towards a Co-Working Space


What is an office place? A place where you work, where you earn your livelihood and build a routine for yourself. So when you coin the idea of starting a startup, one of the priority questions that strucks you is from where would you start your work. Working from home sounds the most feasible and cost effective idea yet the disturbances and distractions sucks the beauty out of it. Then comes the choice of owning or taking an office space on rent. Owning the office as a startup business may not work great for all. Then comes the choice of going for a rented office space. This sounds a great option till you discover more about membership offices, also called as coworking office spaces. Lets explore more about these options and weigh how can we make a choice between a rented office space and a coworking space.

1. Rental Cost:

When you think of taking an office space on rent in delhi, NCR or any other place for that matter, what is the biggest burden on your head? Of course the Rent. Whether you have already started earning profits in your business or just started your business, the fixed rental cost is the cost that just remains a fixed cost. You just can’t think of evading it. It is like a permanent cost that remains irrespective of your profits, people, resources or circumstances. The challenge further amplifies when you have to bear that fixed rental cost even when you increase or decrease with the number of people who work with you in your office. So if you hire a space for office rent assuming you currently need the sitting for 5 people and next month 2 people leave and the third has an emergency at his place, what do you do? Does that give you the leverage of paying for 2 instead of 5? Probably not. You keep paying the fixed rental cost irrespective of number of people working with you or for you. But that’s not the case in case you opt for coworking space. You are flexible with your rental as you only pay for the people who work with you each month. Infact there is a best coworking space in east delhi, CocoWeave The Work Cafe wherein you only pay for the rent on the number of days people work.

2.Overheads Cost:

It’s not just the rental cost but also the fixed overheads like electricity cost, salary cost, housekeeping cost, front office, back office cost that put a big hole in your pocket when you plan to hire an office space on rent. Compare this with the option of choosing a coworking space wherein you can save enormously on such overheads cost. Instead when you make a choice for a coworking office, you have no fixed overheads on your head. Since you get to work in fully functional office spaces, you have no such costs to bother about. This is a perfect set up for start up companies in delhi ncr, as you get to have many coworking spaces in noida, gurgaon and delhi.

3.Lock-In Period:

When you plan to let’s say take office space for rent in delhi or ncr, you land up paying not just the fixed rent and a huge security deposit, but also you have to bind yourself in a fixed lock-in period to stay. You are under a fixed contractual obligation to stay at the rented place, even when you plan to change or quit. This puts a huge mental burden. As an alternate, coworking places in delhi or NCR offer immense convenience to start or stop your business form the same place as per your individual choice, convenience and profitability. This offers as one of the best business investment that a start up company can think to make. It is the leanest form of business setup, where you end up paying only for what you use and that too only till the time you use. There are no strings attached.

4.Infrastructural Cost:

One of the enormous cost attached to an office space for rent in delhi or ncr is the infrastructural cost. It definitely gives the flexibility to design the office as per your individual choice and taste but is at the cost of huge investment of time and money, wherein both are scarce and precious. This may not be therefore an ideal choice as an office space for startups in delhi and NCR.  Funding for startups is one of the important deciding factor for choosing between a rented office spaceand a coworking spaces. Most of the coworking space in delhi, ncr offer ready to use office spaces that are beautifully done up with the state of the art infrastructure. They provide fully functional services from uninterrupted internet services to food services, community services as well as virtual office benefits. All you need to do in a shared office space is carry your laptops and start working.               

5.Work Environment:

The environment in which you work, is the most crucial factor that may enhance or deplete your productivity. It has been observed that working from home makes a person lonely and disconnected that hampers it’s productivity in many different ways. When a newly formed entrepreneurship firm looks for commercial space for rent in delhi, it also looks forward for a productive, positive and a progressive work environment that helps it to achieve its goals. Here coworking space in delhi comes to the great rescue. Coworking space in Delhi offers a great advantage to host startup events in delhi, as well as conduct several community events that help to create a healthy, conducive, collaborative community wherein you not only get to interact with different people but also utilize their services at your convenience and at best possible cost. Since every co-worker helps other coworker, it helps to create a very positive, progrssive work environment.

Above are few of the important points that can help you to make a decision to select an office space on rent or become a part of the larger community as a coworker. Since the above factors are factual, the choice becomes obvious. Coworking spaces not only give the convenience and advantages of working in a community with shared resources at a most affordable price they can also be used as virtual office, meeting rooms, studio rooms, training rooms and general corporate events to be hosted on daily basis.

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