Personal Effectiveness Training Program

Personal Effectiveness Training Program

PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS-“Transforming Yourself through Increased Awareness”


You perform different roles in life as an individual, Mother/Father, Brother/ Sister, Son/Daughter, Employee, Colleague, Friend any many other roles in your life-time and each role is unique and special in its own way. And with all means, you want to be most effective in each role that you play. Yet many times we come at crossroads wherein a choice of being a better father/mother or a better employee becomes a challenge, or there is a conflict between you being a boss and a subordinate or your role as a sibling and a parent. We understand that each role is unique complementing but at times they become competing. There may also be times wherein the need to work at peak of your effectiveness increases and you may not be either aware or prepared for that.

This course deals with such challenges to resolve. We understand that your role effectiveness is directly proportional to your personal effectiveness. Here you will learn ways to improve your professional and personal potential by making positive changes and developing and managing yourself better. We would love to work on your personal effectiveness.


The course provides you with the essential tools and personal development to achieve positive results, maximise your potential and increase your contribution. Our one day program on personal effectiveness will help you learn practical tools that you can use in real life situations, like:

  • Communicate with more confidence
  • Better manage your time and tasks
  • Set and achieve your goals
  • Develop superior self-confidence and self-control
  • Handle difficult people more assertively
  • How to use humour, appreciation and praise
  • Use the Ultimate Success Formula


  • Managing Yourself and Personal Effectiveness
  • Communicating clearly and assertively
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Managing conflict and difficult situations
  • Solving Problems and Making Decisions
  • Building a personal development plan
  • Self-motivation
  • Time Management and delegation
  • Dealing with different behaviours.
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence


The course will help you to build confidence and help you to think differently and to get more done. This can lead to a number of benefits including more time, more confidence, pushing yourself to do different things and generally feeling more positive about things. People who can get more done, people who think more creatively, who can communicate more effectively and are self-motivated to carry out tasks.


COCOWEAVE believes that to build your career, to contribute to your team’s success and to input into your vision, you need to create a positive personal effectiveness toolkit. The best in you brings out the best in others. That involves thinking about what you want, what others have and the bridging the gap with all the tools that are in your power. In this course, you will work on ways to improve your professional and personal potential by making positive changes and developing and managing yourself better.


  • Anyone who wants to improve their overall effectiveness at work by enhancing relationships, increasing confidence and managing stress.
  • Particularly helpful to those taking on new roles and responsibilities
  • Those who want to make positive changes in their working and personal lives.
  • Middle managers who do a strong balancing act while being sandwiched between the top and the junior management and yet need to deliver the required results.