Our private offices are comfortable and you will notice productivity growing.

By flocking together in your very own private cabin space, you can focus together as a team and guard business ideas while keeping them behind closed doors. In a world where you sometimes just need your space, your private cabins are your oasis. If you’re a team that works on each other’s vibe and likes a little space while you’re at it, this is exactly the space you’re looking for.

Choose a private cabin space as per your choice and need. If you are a team of 4 and want to work in your privacy and fun, go ahead and choose a 4-seater provate cabin space and yes if you a large team size and wish to hire/rent a 6/8/10 seater, you are welcome to do that too… And oops befor we miss you can opt for the least and increase it as per your choice and need again. Simply put, you can choose a cabin that can grow with the size of your team.

What We Have For You

  • Signage – Flaunt your brand logo with a crafty vinyl at the entrance of your cabin.
  • Desk Storage – Each workstation within your private office comes with a spacious and ergonomic personal storage area.
  • Acoustics – Your all-glass studio is treated to restrict sound within your cabin space.
  • Natural Light – Look alive with lots of natural light finding its way into your workspace.
  • Writeable Walls – Our walls are designed to inspire your creativity and professionalism. They endorse peace and calmness.
  • Lock Doors – With lockable doors, you have complete control over who you let into your private office.
  • En Suite – Need to further partition your studio? No problemo. We build en suite cabins for clients on request.
  • Thermostat Control – Your private cabin comes equipped with a fully automated thermostat that maintains optimum temperature by mapping the amount of heat generated.

Print and Conference Room Credits – Your account gets credited with a generous number of credits that your entire team can use.

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