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5 Reasons to Choose a Coworking Space

The world has been raving about the benefits of entrepreneurship and India too has been promoting the concept of Start Up India wherein they encourage young minds to breed their unique ideas and start with their own businesses. This is not only encouraging but also value is driven from its very inception. It has put the youth on the track of starting their own business and shifting their mindsets from traditional government jobs to something that they can do on their own. So here you are with an enthusiastic business idea, raring passion, commitment and lean resources too, yet the challenge is to find a place to work. Working from home is, of course, one of the obvious choices, but this has its own limitations and hindrances. First and foremost being lack of professionalism. If we all could work from home, there would not have been the need to create formal offices in the first place. Second being the regular distractions and ongoing disturbances. Mom calling for food or bravo the puppy waiting for immediate attention, loud TV distracting with interesting Netflix series and then the urge to get lost in household chores or to take a regular noon nap. To top it all there is this feeling of loneliness, working all alone from home. The list is endless. However, the fact still you still need a place to work. You need your business to be established at a place where you can work dedicatedly and showcase to your clients too, your stability, security and professionalism for which you need an office space. So what options you have? The traditional and the obvious choice becomes to hire an office space for rent.  Depending on your location, you prefer to choose an office space on hire in Delhi, Banglore, Pune, Noida or maybe East Delhi.  But here the challenge to take office place on rent in either of the metros is not only expensive but distant too. So the best option that works is to head towards a Co-Working Space, that gives you the comfort, convenience, locational advantage as well real value for money. Let’s explore some deeper advantages of choosing a coworking space for business:

The Journey from ‘Me’ to ‘We’:

Out of the many benefits that we will discuss for working in a co-working space is that you get to work immediately from me to us. You don’t have to work in isolation. You are not a lonely soul, wherein you have to start from the beginning and work till the end, with no one to share your thoughts and ideas. For instance, if you need an office place in the capital of the country simply book your tour to one of the coworking space in Delhi. Visit the place and see for yourself with other people who are working in such coworking spaces. If possible speak to them and learn about their experiences through a small chit-chat. This will bring your anxieties at rest. You can work as a sole proprietor or as a team. At a coworking place, people with varied backgrounds and with different businesses come together and work independently but collaborate as a team too. You are no more a single soul lost in the corporate crowd, rather you are a part of the larger community of like-minded people who share common challenges and have found a common solution to work together.

Cost Effectiveness:

Another obvious benefit of a coworking space is its cost-effectiveness. You do not have to bog yourself down with the complete burden of paying for the complete office rent. You only have to pay for the seats that you use that too based on your requirement. Whether you need a single workstation or a few of them, you only pay for what you use and not for the whole office space. Common areas like reception, corridors, cafeteria, pantry, phone booth, meeting rooms, conference rooms, event spaces, washrooms, etc are common and therefore you don’t have to pay for them independently or single-handedly. You only pay for the number of people sitting spaces that you use. This considerably reduces your rent. This is one of the leanest business models to work with.

No distractions, no disruptions:

At a coworking space, you get to work independently, with no disruptions and distractions. You get a nice professional work environment to work with zero disturbances. You can devote your complete attention to your work. Since you remain completely focused, your productivity increases and you are bound to get better results. Decent coworking spaces, like the one there is best coworking space in east delhi with the name of Cocoweave- The Work Café that, offers separate area for event spaces, phone calls, cafeteria, pantry, play zones, etc which provides a complete peaceful environment wherein you can devote your cent percent time and attention to your work.

Fully functional work space:

Co-working spaces offer fully furnished ready to use office spaces for rent. It’s not just the complete ready to move infrastructure but also get state of the art facilities like dedicated leased line internet connection, mobile connectivity with zero percent dropdown, 24 hours power backup, long hours working facility, cctv coverage, additional storage spaces, recreation zones, meditation spaces and numerous other facilities that allow you to just carry your laptops and start working. Nevertheless, you do not have any long lock-in periods that restrict you to be there for long periods of time, without choice. Rather you can be there for just as long as you wish to be there with no obligations attached. In a nutshell, you can start your work when you want, you can leave the place when you want. No strings attached. This makes the coworking place today as one of the most sought after place to work.

Locational Advantage:

Here at best coworking spaces, your clients won’t have a hard time finding you. That is because such best coworking spaces in delhi, metro or any other location can best be judged if they are centrally located and geographically connected. Nowadays, coworking spaces have also become the preferred choice of many large, multinational companies who look forward to retain their employees by giving them the opportunity to work from coworking spaces that are nearer to their homes, so as to save their commuting time and helping them to increase their work productivity. They are also the obvious choice for most of the freelancers, entrepreneurs, IT experts, professionals, startups, small, medium and large business firms, etc. who want to work on flexibility and lean business model.

The result of the co-working spaces is that it helps your business to grow, attracts and retains best employees, creates a congenial work environment to work, and support people to be their authentic best selves.

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