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 Let’s start with some basic but an honest self assessment. How exciting do you find your work? Do you look forward to working each day as something that you actually look up to or do you get Monday blues and the thought of going to work arouses anxiety and stress in you?

Now closely look at the nature of the work that you do. Is it something that you actually want to do? Do you find this work inspiring and encouraging? Do you feel proud of doing this work? Do you feel engaged and excited? Does the time just fly when you do your work? If your answer to most of the questions is yes, then rest assured you are on the right track and in case you feel otherwise, its time to re-think. Sometimes, we work at an amazing place that offers us a great package and loads of other facilities that generally people aim for, a great brand to work for and an envious work culture too, yet there lies a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of being incomplete, shallow and superficial. Hold and explore that why do you feel that way? Again, closely look at the work that you do. Think and list all that you do for the whole day and how does that make you feel at the end of each day. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the least and 10 is the best, how happy do you feel doing the work that you do? Now if you have scored anything less than or equal to 6 on the said parameters, its time for you to think beyond the ‘nine to five’ job that you do or at least love to do. It’s time for you to start your own business. Getting Bored and Feeling Lonely at work are the clear signals that something is missing at your work, which needs to be duly figured out and worked out at.

If not job then let’s explore the available probabilities to work and add meaning and depth to our work.

1. Working Independently:

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How about exploring your passion, something that you always wanted to do and start working towards it, independently. I mean starting your own business and working all on your own, wherein you are your boss and the person that you need to report to is yourself? How about setting a goal, based on something that you passionately wanted to do and then do it. How is this sounding to you? How is that making you feel while you are reading this post? Check your thoughts and explore your feelings. Is the idea of working independently making you feel excited and happy? If yes, it’s time for you to start looking for a place to work on your own.

2. Exploring Options:

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So when you have identified your step 1 of working independently, the next step is to think about what work would you like to do. I agree that work adds meaning and purpose to our life, and quitting from a job doesn’t mean quitting work, ever. But equally important is to identify that what work needs to be done. If you have been able to mark that the type of work that you do doesn’t evoke feelings of satisfaction, happiness and proud from the sheer task of doing it, then identify that exactly what kind of work would actually make you feel happy, excited and encouraged to work? Take a pause and think for some time. This is crucial as you need to self-explore yourself at this point in time. You have to identify and mark out what needs to be done.

3. Working From Home:

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Okay, so you have identified by now what needs to be done. Let’s come precisely to our next step of putting your thoughts into practice. Meaning, how it has to be done. And for this, we first need to find a place to work. Working from home may seem like one of the obvious choices. You get your own comfort, convenience and all the time to work. You are no more pressured to get ready and go for a job at a fixed time. No travelling, no fixed schedules, no packing of tiffins and no more excuses to work. Check again, how is that making you feel? Are you now in a better space than what you felt at the time of doing a job for someone else, compared to now, when you work for yourself? Keep steady and keep exploring your thoughts and feelings on this subject.

4. Private Office:

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So the office meant rigid time schedules and home meant no schedules at all. How is that working? So now by working at home, you simply have no fixed time to get up early, get ready, reach office in time and work hard and fast to complete the work before evening, so that you can head straight to your family, who might be waiting for you to join them for tea or dinner. So with this leverage of working from home also comes with a price of taking things for granted, becoming lazy, easy and distracted. How about hiring your own private office, wherein you still get to work for yourself yet are able to maintain the decorum and rhythm of work. You again have time to reach the office, work hard, finish the task and head towards home, without the said pressure of working for someone instead of oneself?  How is that making you feel?

5. Coworking Spaces:


The above idea of working from a private office sounds great with the two major challenges. One that you need to spend a bomb for your office space and make a deep hole in your pocket and savings and another is the feeling of a lone worker, with not many people to interact and learn from. Does that make you feel boring and lost? At this stage think about taking a shared office in a coworking space. How does that sound to you? In case you are from Delhi or planning to hire a space in Delhi,  you can use the coworking space in Delhi, under the name and style of CocoWeave-The Work Café, wherein you not only get an office space in Delhi, the capital of the country but you also get to save a huge amount of money. The workspace is very nicely done up and is of course very cost effective. The best part about a coworking space in Delhi is the fact that you get to meet many new people with varied backgrounds that you get to learn so much. You never feel lonely or alone. You can interact, make friends, develop a hobby, create a buddy or more simply make your business grow too.

So, next, when you feel bored and lonely at work, you need to check that what is making you feel bored and lonely? The work or the company. If it’s either or both of them, its time for you to think if you would like to work from a coworking space in Delhi?

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